Work with the best!

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Today's post is about someone I am proud to call a friend, not just because he has some seriously amazing photography skills, but he is also actually a really nice guy.  I first met Alan over two years ago, while he was "flexing" his modeling skills for me during a Wisconsin Fashion Week runway show. I used him a few more times at runway shows and modeling for print and other photos I needed. But don't be confused, I am not here to tell you to sign him up to your modeling agency. You have one of those right?...

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New Site

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Here is my new site! I tend to get pretty busy with all the other areas of running a business so it is sometimes hard for me to stay on top of blog posts. You should email me your suggestions for a post. I'd be happy to discuss any subjects about running an indie brand or launching your own business. I will however not discuss lima beans. how can anyone like lima beans?! _s

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