Work with the best!

Posted by saul mandel on

Today's post is about someone I am proud to call a friend, not just because he has some seriously amazing photography skills, but he is also actually a really nice guy. 

I first met Alan over two years ago, while he was "flexing" his modeling skills for me during a Wisconsin Fashion Week runway show. I used him a few more times at runway shows and modeling for print and other photos I needed. But don't be confused, I am not here to tell you to sign him up to your modeling agency. You have one of those right? Of course you do, my nine year old cousin has four! But I digress. 

Through his modeling work Alan has developed a keen sense of light and an astute ability to communicate with his subject which translates into remarkable photography. Alan now brings all of these skills and his fabulous demeanor into his work as a photographer and even more exciting into his work as a wedding photographer.   Normally I wouldn't give away my trade secrets, but if you are planning a wedding in the next 1-2 years I would give Alan a call and see if he can squeeze you in.  Just saying...